Self Portrait, 2016, © Serge Maes

Self Portrait, 2016, © Serge Maes

About Serge Maes

Until ten years ago, photography was basically non-existent in my life. Then a friend of mine bought me a disposable camera to take with me on a trip to Stockholm. I've been photographing ever since.

I'm not looking for anything specific when I'm out photographing, I'm not a photojournalist. I try to create something out of nothing and transform the trivial into something fantastical – it makes me feel like I'm catching a glimpse into an alternate universe. Usually this translates to visual complexity, but I like to explore other avenues as well.  

I'm not a pro. I decided not to become a pro because I didn't feel like making photographs for others at the expense of my personal projects. I make my living as a psychoanalyst and leadership coach. 

I work with different cameras. I favor a Leica but I find myself gravitating towards a Ricoh GR II more and more. I prefer a 35mm focal length but I've learned to work with a 28mm because of the Ricoh. Camera's matter and they don't. For me it's about the photograph. I'm guided by my eye.


Serge Maes lives in Antwerp, Belgium. He can be reached at: or +32 497 0490 68.